Update details page:: how to keep latest updated values

On the Update details page, we show first name, last name etc… from the database and once a customer updates it should persist back to the backend.


Tried to bind the values as below but nothing didnot work.
Option 1)
Binding the values for those input fields as below (rest web service response in a data variable). But when we try to update the values and then once it focuses out it will keep the previous value.


Option 2) Tried to set the below formula to those input fields but it gives the error (This binding requires an invertible formula)

IF(data[“GetCurrentUserDetails1-single”].defaultBillingAddress.email == self.value,data[“GetCurrentUserDetails1-single”].defaultBillingAddress.email ,self.value)

Option 3) set the page vars with data variable on Page event (change in data variable) see below. But the event is being called all the time when we are on the page. Could not find the event page load option.

Please suggest ways how to bind the data variables, page variables while doing the display and updating the data records.


Hi! First of all check that the data variable you use on the page does not have a refresh loop – please see here for more info. Let me know if you still have trouble after checking this and let’s investigate it further :slight_smile: