Update record does not let me specify an id

Hello all, is this a bug?

I cant find out how to specify the document to update when doing this?

You prob do not have the right data resource setup.
Is ‘board1’ a document from a collection? If so, do you have a data variable that refers to the board1 document?


@Fred_Kuzyk Thank you for the reply bored one is the collection name that has documents in it in fire base. It’s a pretty standard data resource that has been Set up and seems to read and wrote frok appgyver as expected. When I click to add this function I can select from any of my data resources which are the collection but none of them allow me to specify an ID.

Test with an add record flow function and a get record flow function to see if they have the id binding option? If not, I still think this is a problem with your data resource.

I did have the data variable set up incorrectly, thank you!

It is better to share more details and screenshots when posting for assistance, to help us figure it out. I would have seen the dataVar issue earlier.

True! This was a quick post