Update record for Odata Integration, backend not connected to BTP account

I am trying to work on updating the record using Odata integration but not finding much links for the same
I am trying to use the update record to update the data in the backend server (this server is a 3rd party on premise service). I have established the connection using Odata integration but when using the update record it is not making any changes into the data.
Also tried to use the Update record in the Data part but there it shows status as okay but there is no update taking place

Hmm :thinking: Are other methods working, such as GET and CREATE?

Get works but create or update throws the CORS issue

Hmmmmmm :thinking: I guess the next steps would be to try and debug the issue – try to make the Update (or Create) call manually via Postman/cURL, and if it succeeds, compare the request to the request made from the Composer app (using web inspector to look at the Network request)…

I tried to actually send a request using Postman and it works fine but as to what i understood was that in case of trying to do it with the help of Appgyver it is not able to setup the preflight between the browser and the server. Could you tell how can we approach to solve this issue?

Hi! We are investigating another CORS and OData related problem which might be the same as this one, but we’d like to verify. Could you please tell me your app id so we can have a look?