Update Record for Odata Integration

I am trying to use the update record to update the data in the backend server (this server is a 3rd party on premise service). I have established the connection using Odata integration but when using the update record it is not making any changes into the data.
Also tried to use the Update record in the Data part but there it shows status as okay but there is no update taking place

Hi @user30, what does the “Update record” screen in Data configurator look like for your OData resource, could you post a screenshot?

If you run the test with Chrome developer tools open (right-click+Inspect → Network), do you see anything in the request payload or in the server response that is not as expected? Do the payload values correspond to the values you set in the configurator?

I am using Odata Integration type of Data resource in Appgyver. I have created a form where i am getting the user’s location and i want to update the country of the user in my backend service. So on the click of the button i am calling the update record sending the customer id to the backend server but when I am adding alert to check if the data is getting updated or not it shows not updated and similarly no change is there in my backend server

Hi, I understand what you are trying to do, but would need more information to help with understanding what is causing it to fail. If “Update record” is going to the 2nd output, it means that the request to your backend server is failing. You can bind the alert’s message field to the output of the “Update record” node’s error message to see what the error is. If that isn’t helpful, using the Chrome dev tools is the best way to find out what is going wrong with the request.

I binded the alert message to the error message of the update record and getting the error message as Request failed with status code 403

Also tried using the other approach you mentioned getting CORS issue there. So how can i exactly resolve the CORS issue without actually using the SAP BTP account. One way that was mentioned in your forum was using the API proxy method but since my backend service is a 3rd party on premise service and it is not linked to SAP BTP account how can i resolve this issue.

Okay, in this case the options are 1) to change the service/server configuration 2) proxying the requests with something, such as SAP API management, but this can also be done with almost any kind of backend server / API gateway.

For the first that is to change the service/server configuration , is this needed to be done in SAP cockpit level or any other place and can you provide us with the steps to do the same.
And for the second option that you mentioned for proxying the requests do we need to do that from SAP Gateway Client or somewhere else. Can you please elaborate on the same. Because when we are trying to use this same service in other application(Asset Manager) we are able to access the data.

Hi, I’m unfortunately not familiar with the other SAP services, so cannot provide more specific steps on how to achieve that.

There seem to be quite a lot of discussions on the topic of OData and CORS in the SAP community, maybe this blog post could be helpful?

In general for questions related to SAP integrations, the SAP Community and in specific our topic page are good resources, as you can reach people who are more expert in these topics.