Update record (put)

I’ve been able to configure my app to get data from Airtable but I’m trying create an app that updates records in airtable by using the the update record (PUT) function.

  1. I am assuming that I can do this and that this is the correct function to use.
  2. When I try and run the test with the information that was preloaded in my relative path, which is the location of my airtable database, I get the following Error:

Error: TypeError: Failed to fetch. Does the server allow CORS?status: undefined

  1. I do have the word “records” in the response key path and I’ve tried it without the word records as well.

  2. Since I’ve configured it correctly to get data, I thought this would be relatively easy to write data back to the airtable, but I have to be missing something and would appreciate some help.

  3. In the relative path, it has the url to my airtable database. It also has /ID. I’ve tried leaving it blank like it is in get data from airtable, and I’ve tried various items for that ID from my airtable docs with no luck getting past the error code.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Did you ever find a solution for this problem? I am also struggling with the Update Record and Delete Record configurations and cannot find a solution on the web.

Are you using an Airtable Database? Have you manually configured your schema in the update section? Needs to be done in 2 places…one to read and one to write.

Yes I’m using Airtable. I am a novice here but have managed to successfully with the GET and POST configurations. I’m just struggling with the UPDATE and DELETE configs. I have configured my schema manually in the update section. On the config tab, I added /(id) to the relative path. Is this correct? And then is there anything else I need to configure on this tab?

Can you send me a screenshot? Have you added your Bearer Key?

I’ve only set my Bearer Key in the Header in the Base configuration.

Need to add the bearer key in all areas. You will also need to add the ID of the record you want to update in the relative path. Fix those and let me know if its working.

Oh great! That worked. But do I need to always specify the ID? I want the user to be able to update certain fields in any / all of the different record IDs. To explain further. This app is a ‘job tracking’ app. So basically when a job is completed the user would enter the date and time of completion and click a button to update that this record / job is complete. Therefore the id would be different for each job / record. Does that make sense?

So each row in your Airtable has its own record id. So when you make your input from your app you tie the input to the record id. I’m just going to mention this because you may not know but if you click on your first row in your airtable database -look for the leading arrow and click on it the record id is displayed in the url towards the end of the string. Usually I just double click and then copy that to add to my input variable. Dual screens really help!!

Basically you need to tell the app where specifically you put the data in the airtable. You do that through record id and fields.

This is so helpful. Thank you. I have been stuck for days. Hopefully I will keep on progressing from here. Thanks again for your help here.

I understand completely. I am self taught as well and just a few pieces of info help tremendously. Good luck. I really like using Airtable so if you get stuck let me know.

So another way of looking at this is you created a database using the data tab on the top menu bar. Now you need to create a data variable that can access specific information within your database. Each row is a record. Each column is a field. You can access the entire record (row) or a field(column) in the record through your data variable.

Punctuation matters so pay close attention to spelling and Punctuation. Especially Authorization when you are using your bearer key. It’s gotten me several times!

Thanks, yes we spell it Authorisation here in South Africa. I’m sure you’ll see many more questions from me coming up. :grinning: