Update record (put)

I’ve been able to configure my app to get data from Airtable but I’m trying create an app that updates records in airtable by using the the update record (PUT) function.

  1. I am assuming that I can do this and that this is the correct function to use.
  2. When I try and run the test with the information that was preloaded in my relative path, which is the location of my airtable database, I get the following Error:

Error: TypeError: Failed to fetch. Does the server allow CORS?status: undefined

  1. I do have the word “records” in the response key path and I’ve tried it without the word records as well.

  2. Since I’ve configured it correctly to get data, I thought this would be relatively easy to write data back to the airtable, but I have to be missing something and would appreciate some help.

  3. In the relative path, it has the url to my airtable database. It also has /ID. I’ve tried leaving it blank like it is in get data from airtable, and I’ve tried various items for that ID from my airtable docs with no luck getting past the error code.

Any help would be appreciated.