Update the "Soft Tab" Tutorial

Hi Guys!

This tutorial needs Update, anyone can help?

" Next, we want to make the cell bottom border color be dynamic based on the selected tab.

For each of the three cells, set border style to solid , bottom border width to 2 . Then, we’ll make the border color dynamic with the formula:

IF(pageVars.selectedTab === "info", theme.$colorNotice, theme.$colorContentSubdued)

The condition will be different for each of the tabs – pageVars.selectedTab === "log" and pageVars.selectedTab == "attachments" , respectively.

Since we set the default value to be info , the first tab should be selected when we preview our app."

Especially this formula, which no longer works.


Hi! The only thing wrong with the formula is the names of the colors as the new theme system changed the theme variable names. These are now fixed in the tutorial.

We will also soon be publishing a soft tabs component in the component marketplace that you could use instead.