Updated app variable formula not being recognised

Hi, I’ve inherited an in-development app that includes a QRcode scan, and parses the resultant string into separate variables, using the formula:

SUBSTRING(outputs[“Scan QR/barcode”].codeContent,1,7).

The beginning of the QR code string is “123456,…”, and the output of this formula is “23456,”. According to the documentation, the formula should actually use ‘0,6’ as the start/end character of the substring. Yet when I change the formula to

SUBSTRING(outputs[“Scan QR/barcode”].codeContent,0,6)

I still end up with “23456,” in the debugger. When I make the change to the formula, I’m saving the change, saving the app in appgyver, exiting the app in appgyver to my page showing different apps, then re-entering. On my android test phone, I’m closing appgyver, restarting it, selecting debug mode, and selecting the app.

Whatever I do, the changes don’t appear to be filtering through. I know that other changes on the page are being seen, as I changed the text of a button, and that was visible on the android device the next time I loaded the app within the Appgyver app.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?
[For reference, my app id is 174958]

I have tested the formula and it is working correctly with barcode and QR codes.

You’d better first test the formula by showing its output in a toast. If you get the result you are expecting, then probably there is a problem with the variable itself.