Updating one single Field - Appgyver + Xano

Hi All,

Im trying to figure out how to update only 1 column in my database (Xano) without modifying the rest.
The issue Im facing is that when I make the call from Appgyver to Xano I have to use POST method as Appgyver does not support the UPDATE method from Xano.
When making the call Im required to add a value to each field:


But I only want to modify one field and leave the rest unmodified.
Could you please advise how I can achieve this?


no sure if this is the best way but one way that definitely can do it if building a custom API that simply takes 1 input and only updates certain fields.
for example your API has username, bio, and user age and you only want to update bio.
you simply create a new API, with bio as an input, and edit record function. edit function can disable the field that you do not want to touch. however you will need a way to identify which record you wanna edit which will require another input (for example user id)

Hi Lukasz,

Thanks for your reply, yes I guess I can do it that way I was trying to avoid creating a different API for each time I want to just modify one field but so far it does seem the only (or at least the best) option to go with.


fetch current data for the fields you want to keep as they are and use the same API?