Upload Excel File issue

26 Jul 09:55:33 - [error] [function2:5d399529.f12a7c] TypeError: Failed to execute ‘readAsBinaryString’ on ‘FileReader’: parameter 1 is not of type ‘Blob’.

i had this error when uploading excel file using Pick files and custom js.

Custom JS:

Someone pls help. thanks

Why dont you use Upload Files flow function?

Thanks sir @JOHN_WORSHAM for reply

hmm. what I’m trying to do sir is to parse excel data to json or string

Working now but on android only using Pick File and Read File . but how on web?
as you can see above im trying to use Pick File and Cusom JS but no luck. any advice or alternative way to parse csv/xlsx to json/string

thank you

hi, do you already resolved your issues? As currently I face same problem for web.
I need to parse excel data to string…

I have a similar issue with web. Pick Files is a native function flow and when used on web generates an unreadable file path “blob:”

Any ideas on how to use this on web?