Upload File Help

Hello greetings, I’m here to ask you for help, I’ve been trying for more than 3 days in every way to find a way to upload files through Composer appgyver, and I’m not succeeding, I do everything right using Postman, however try to reproduce in appgyver I can’t. please help me because i really need this solution.

here is my test credentials

Authorization:Bearer JxbASP7euPfbbdsKxv6WCSCOKQJfCc9Rm3enuZ7H

please help me

Follow this simple tutorial

Also please give better title to your posts. Subject should be something like “Firebase upload file help” (I’ve fixed the title)

Hello friend, in my case it would be an API without being Firebase Storage

the credentials were the ones I sent you there, if you can help me

I’m only familiar with Firebase.