Upload file to QNAP

I’m trying to use a QNAP File Station HTTP API to upload an image my QNAP NAS. Using the somewhat sparse API documentation I have been able successfully login and create a directory on my QNAP from my AppGyver app using the HTTP Request flow function.

So far, I’ve been unable to upload a file. The documentation for uploading is as follows:

The piece that I’m not understanding is how an image (or any file) that is in the local storage on my device gets attached to this HTTP call and uploaded to the QNAP.

I’m really lost here, I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to upload a file. Thanks!

Pethaps use a pick image or pick file flow function (can get from market place) and set the output of that to the Body field of your HTTP request

Thank you for the suggestion, but that didn’t work.

You would probably need to Base64 encode it. Then set the Body to the Output of the encode function

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