Upload files component doesn't take result

we have an API to take a file and return a uuid as key.
I use the Upload files to process and successfully uploaded the file. The result code is 201, however it pops Fail at port 3. And I don’t think it’s possible to get the returned uuid.

Is there any workaround?

From what i remember this component is discontinued, to upload to firebase there is a function instead:
Upload to firebase storage
(Maybe im wrong, wait for someone to confirm)

Yes, i use the new

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Thanks a lot for all repliers.
However we upload files to amazon S3 but not google services.
Don’t we have any alternative?

@Mevi do you have any official note?

Hi! Upload files can be used when something other than firebase is the backend to upload files to, it’s not deprecated but of course, if firebase is used as a backend, the flow function for firebase uploads should be used.

If the upload succeeds but the third output is fired, it might be that the code being 201 not 200 is interpreted as a failure from the flow function’s part – that’s a bug. Please file a bug report at Bug Reports | AppGyver

Noted with thanks and bug has been reported.