Upload Files to Firebase Storage - Tutorial

Thanks, John, but as I’ve discovered this weekend, the Backendless method is quite different, after all. @Symmetric_Dynamite seems to have come through once again on how to upload imagery from the library to Backendless in this thread – just in case anyone else is ripping apart the AG forums looking for a solution:

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You had me confused because this thread is a Firebase tutorial thread. So I assumed you needed help with Firebase.

I knew that a Firebase solution wasn’t going to cut it, but I was hoping to adapt it to fit Backendless – that at least up to a certain point, the same method might apply. Unfortunately, it didn’t. All the same, thank you for your time. Should we switch to Firebase in the final product, undoubtedly, this thread will prove very useful to us, as well as to many others.

Take care. :slight_smile:

They are actually solving all this - or simplifying it at least - with the new direct integration, so it looks to be a whole lot easier than having to go through what i did.

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Hi dominik , this tutorial will work for Backendless - the revised code is at the end:

additionally it works for firebase with a couple of tweaks, thanks to John Worshams posts

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I’m really hoping so, mate. It is much-needed and about time. There’s so much conflicting information on both forums.

Thanks, @Sim_Sim. I did see this thread. I’m just not the most JS-literate and my eyes were glazing over. :laughing: But I’ll certainly consider it. Thank you.

yeah, good point. Me too, I was hoping to go ‘No-Code’ :rofl:

But you can literally cut and paste that

Also definitely the first thing I would do is get https://www.postman.com/ account set up - you can test the backendless / firebase or whatever with that first . Its not too tricky and once you’ve done it once it will come in handy a load of times whenever you are doing this app dev

We’ll probably see you over there soon enough. Let’s let John have his thread back. :wink:

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Hi John, thanks for the tutorial.

Hopefully you can help me with this. I get a success output, nevertheless I don’t have the file at the Firebase storage. Any idea why ?

Very nice tutorial, thank you!

There is a flow component “Firebase Storage upload files” that works well with secured storage (auth required).

Yes they created that after I did this. Use whatever is easier for you.

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I see no option for “List of Objects” as a variable type in Page Variable Appgyver UI. How does one create a list of objects variable?

I have my formula exactly like yours but the commas are being flagged with red and it will not allow me to save it.

Ok I figured out how to get it to say “list of objects with 5 properties/text” but i cannot figure out how to get rid of the “text” at the end, and the appgyver user interface for creating variables is very confusing, as it creates more nested items and makes it where I cannot determine what I am creating. Is there a way to just write some code to declare the variables?

please someone tell me what I am doing wrong

Is there any way you can clarify what you mean here?

“I am just Initializing the FileListObj variable by setting it to empty. This is more tricky than it should be because to do this I have to add an empty value, then remove that value, so it initializes to 0 items.”

When you say, “setting it to empty,” do you mean in the data tab when you create the variable resource, or when you bring it intoo the screen in the ui builder? And then, how do you “remove that value?” I am asking beause i canot get your formula to work.

Im using another API service “SASHIDO” i tried everything but its not working !!

Well, this tutorial was specific to Firebase so Im not familiar with how SASHIDO expects to receive file uploads…

how can i know or get those information ?