Upload files with custom backend

Hello. I’m trying to implement image upload with my custom server.
I can correctly “pick files” and “upload files”, mapping my custom POST uploadUrl (‘myapi.com/images’) with custom headers (Authorization), I see the request is going fine, getting a 201 http response, but it’s always triggering an error ({“code”:“allFilesFailed”,“message”:“Error was thrown because all of the file uploads failed”,“rawError”:“Error: allFilesFailed”}). How does it work? Does it need to have a special response? What I would like to have is the ability to get the ids from the response and set it into a data variable, is it possible or should I go with a custom call?



Sorry for the delay in response! We checked out the Upload Files flow function, and there’s a bug in the response it sends :slight_smile: We’re fixing it asap, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for bringing this to our attention. But it should still work fine, and it should be fixed when you notice an update available for it :slight_smile:

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hi @Cecilia
May I know if the bus has been fixed? I wonder if AppGyver can give a detailed tutorial on how to use this “Upload file” function to a custom backend, as I want to connect it with some SAP service to do some processing there, but I’m stuck at API connection and not able to find anything related to the topic.
Hope the team can shed some lights on this issue. Thank you.

It seem fixed, however the response from the server is not accessible, so useless for me :frowning: