Upload image not as a list

Hi everyone!
I want to create “Profile Image uploading” as you can see in the screenshot.
I saw and read many tutorials about image uploading. But I can’t find a way to do it for only one image.

Could anyone help?


You can use the exact same logic flow, and just set brackets [ ] where necessary, to make it a list of one photo object :slight_smile:

Could you show where to use these brackets to make it a list of one photo object, please :pray:?


sorry for not getting back to you!

Ah I think I misunderstood your question, if you just want to display many picked images as a list, then you could create a list of objects type variable with the property photopath. Then, repeat that list and use current.photopath to display the image in your app. When the user picks or takes a new photo, you can use the formula WITH_ITEM to add the new image to the list variable.

No, I want to do that only one User image upload, not list…?
When tap next time it should update the old image, not add to the bottom.
How can I do this?