Upload image to firebase storage from url

Can you think of a way to save an image in firebase storage? The image is from a url
From what i know you need a file path to save in firebase storage, is there any way maybe to save the image first on the device, the upload to firebase and then delete it from the device?

i really need help for this one

You will need to use ‘Download Files’ flow function to save the file locally then use that local filepath to Upload. There is no way to directly move the file from a URL

yeah i thought the same think but if you take a look in my other post, i had a problem with the file path.

So then i used the function (Get file/directory info)
but as @Mari said these functions don’t work anymore

I use the Move to Downloads folder function after I Download FIles

thanks i will try it out and tell y!

so after trying it out on my pc, the only result, was to open the image in a black screen, how should i do it, so that i can pass the file location in the save to frb storage function, because this function doesnt Output any value like file path

i also found this one

@JOHN_WORSHAM also i tried using this idea but i could make it work do you have any idea?