Upload one single picture to any storage

Hello everyone, today I am trying to upload a picture. Yes, I found many posts on the forums, but many are related to AWS S3, which is no longer an option. I wouldn’t care if I uploaded to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Airtable, Supabase or whatever. The main thing is that it should be easy. You name it.

  1. How is the flow with the Logic?
  2. which data storage is best suited for an image upload?

most of the links for this uploads issue in this forum returned a 404 so some solutions are not available.

Thanks in Advanced

Here’s a step-by-step for Firebase Storage, I find it fairly easy to use with the flow functions:

The complexity comes from the services often not providing permanent URLs for the images, which leads to that you have to generate a new URL for the image. I’m not sure when exactly the Firebase Storage URLs expire though (if they do at all), might be worth reading a bit more about. :slight_smile:

I personally think a good option is to save locally then upload to firebase. This way for displaying the uploaded image you can actually just show the local one and also less is bandwidth required.

hi, phil! i’m working on an app that is bassically a gallery where the user pick an image from library and are able to display it in another page, but when i exit the app and enter again, the imagem picked before desapears. what can i do to save this image? can you show me the steps?

You need to use Firtebase or Airtable for storage. The steps are well documented in many posts on the forum.

You need to try and follow the community guides and ask questions when you get stuck. When you ask a question make sure to include photos of what you have done and what isn´t working.

Bear in mind that AppGyver is not an easy solution and a lot of time and effort is required to understand it. There is no shortcut to this investment of time.

this is the logic when i click the button to pick the image

this is the logic in the page where the image appears

i’m totally new in this universe of programing, but i have an idea and believe i’m trying hard, i read all the questions here but i’m not beeing able to acomplishmente what i’m trying to do. i apreciatte your time, thanks!!

It is not easy to make an app. You need to set up a google firebase account, then create a database, then link it to your app. The tutorials for all of these things exist.

If you find it tricky to follow them then its probably a sign that AppGyver isn´t the best choice for you. Its better to recognise this early than to spend many weeks developing only to find every step impossibly difficult.

Good luck.

but i want save all the data on device storage. is this possible? if you know how, could you help me with the steps?

I haven´t used on device storage in this manner, sorry.

if i use firebase, the user will need an login to use the app?

That is up to you and how you design it. Its not essential, but not doing so has security risks.

exactly! thats why i want the files to be on storage. the goal of my app is just to be a shortcut to find the image of the vaccine card and the only part that is missing is that i cant creat a record of the image that the user picked, so when he enters the app, goes directly to the image. theres no tutorial showing how to do this, but thanks for your time.

Isn´t it just as easy for the user to save a shortcut to their certificate? If they can find that then they can find the shortcut to your app.

people like you could do that, but there are a lot of people stressing out wasting time looking for their certificate and my app is for these people (:

Hello everyone,

I can’t see from the history whether the problem has been solved, but here is my solution. I’m not trying to upload the image in binary, I’m converting it to base64. Then I can just treat the string as text in the JSON object.