Uploading files in 2023?

Hello all,

I have been struggling getting the “Upload File” function to work. I have seen the forum here (Upload Files to Firebase Storage - Tutorial) but have been unable to get this to work for myself. I have reviewed several other forums as well, but have been unable to upload files as an app variable (object), and I have been unable to pass them through directly with the “output of another node” option. I have tried a POST request, the “upload files” option, and “firebase storage upload files” options. At best I can post the image details to make.com, but never the file, and cant pass anything through to firebase storage/database.

My end goal is to be able to get a user to select a file to upload, or upload an image they take with their device. For now I would prefer to start with “Select File”.

I am saving the file as an app variable with the below properties.

I have done this with and without the uploadUrl portion using different upload options like the ones below, and none work. The worst part is when using dev tools I do not see anything in the console or network tabs the majority of the time.

Instead of troubleshooting my process, is anyone able to share (in detail) how they have managed to upload files to Firebase with Appgyver?

  1. What url are you uploading to
  2. What is your flow
  3. What is your variable set up
  4. What urls are you using, and what settings for the various flow functions?

I ended up reaching out to someone on Fiverr and was able to get this figured. out. For others experiencing the same issue feel free to check out the video tutorial I made (below).