Uploading image and video

Hi everyone! I want to do image and video uploading…

I did it with Mevi’s tutorial: link

But there Mevi showed how to get image, I want to get “image name” and “image size” like there:

And then when I tap to this “file container” it will show me image in other page like in the tutorial…

So, how can I connect to “image name” and “image size”?

Are there any ways to upload videos also?


All the image objects taken with Take Photo or Pick photo from library have the properties name and size that you can use. Just as the tutorial uses current.path you could use current.name and current.size.

For videos you’d need to use the Pick files flow function, but it should work similar to the photo functions :slight_smile:

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I tried to use “Pick files” for videos, when I open it there I can’t see my gallery. How to get access to gallery?

Have you figured this out yet? I cant seem to find videos

What iis the suggested way to add videos?