Uploading image to firebase storage

What is the correct way to configure firebase storage with Appgyver to upload and store image files in Firebase from Appgyver? Looking for Firebase and Appgyver solutions, not Nano. Thanks

Setup Appgyver & Firebase connector

– >Flow Functions in the following order

Initialise Firebase
Firebase storage upload files
Firebase storage get download URL

It looks & feels complicated but once you get the hang of it, it is pretty simple. Takes up maybe a minute & a half to setup

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Thanks. I have connected firebase and appgyver. In my app, I want the user to click a picture or choose from a gallery. And then upload that files in firebase storage and create a record in firestore. Below screenshot of flow functions explain the process:

Probems to be solved:

  1. How can the user select multiple images from the gallery together?
  2. When the user selects the image, how do I upload it to firebase storage? Should I assign the upload file flow function to the image?

The pick file flow function offers the option for single or multiple files. Select the desired option from the dropdown.

The firebase storage upload flow function takes care of the upload to the firebase storage. This flow has an option for selecting the folder you want the images uploaded in to.

Hey, I was successful in uploading the image to firebase storage. But now I am stuck at this point, on how to save the link in firestore database. What would be the flow functions after uploading to firebase? for reference attaching a screenshot:

It gives you some idea about it

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Thanks. Hey, I have a question, after uploading the image/file to firebase storage, I can directly create a record in firestore database. So what is the point of using the download file function? I am confused about this part. And can you show me the format of a link that is saved in firestore database?

  1. blob:https://platform.preview.appgyver.com/915ea2b4-c012-ebfd8a5
  2. https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/app-129ec.appspot.com/o/iPhone%2013%20mini%20-%2010.png?alt=media&token=d2f9-4659-9951a4
    From above which format is correct?
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This is the correct format. You did good!
The “download url” is just for generating the right url as you shared above. That’s the url to use for downloading the image, in other words, for calling this image and displaying it in your app.