Uploading images to firebase "Error loading preview"

Hi guys,

This time I have a problem trying to uploading images to my backend “firebase”.

I read some tutorials like this:


I didn’t try this:


Just because I don’t have idea about JS.

This is my current flow function:

And this is how I have the setup about the vars and http request:

Vars = an object with 6 properties (to storage the info from pick’s image output)

• name • path • mimeType • size • createdAt • modifiedAt

and the request url is the next:


Header = Content-Type: image/png

Request body = the whole object from the vars with each property.

I get a good response from firebase, with all the information, but when I try to see the image in the backend, it looks like was uploaded in the wrong way/format and the size is in “BYTES” and looks like this:

I tried postman and works good, what could I be missing? @ JOHN_WORSHAM did you solve this in someway?, do you think you can help with this trouble?

POSTDATA: I can’t use firebase storage upload files flow function because I don’t use the firebase auth flow function, I did the auth part through http requests.


You don´t need to use Firebase auth to do this. Mine works ok.

Did you initialise Firebase?

No, I didn’t because the flow function say firebase needs to be initialized before so I though was needed to do the auth through it to make it works.

I’ll give a shoot to this through this way and come back with news, thanks for the time to reply this post Phil :slight_smile:

Thanks you very much @Phil_Evans , it works like a charm.

I didn’t know isn’t necessary to do the firebase auth to make this flow work.


No problem. Its nice to see a well written question, it is so much easier to help with, especially with the diagrams.

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can you please show me the formula in “App Variable” you written?

Hi Ali, sorry for my late response,

I don’t understand what you ask because I didn’t use an APP Variable, but Page Variable, and it wasn’t a formula, I just pick an output from the “Pick Image from gallery flow function”.

Here is a shot:

Inside the page var.

outputs[“Pick image from library”].imageFile