Uploading images to my FTP-server

I am trying to figure out how I should upload an image taken with the ‘Take photo’ flow function.

I don’t want to convert it to base64, because the image can be large. (It will be images of health issues of cows, I am making a dairy farm manager app)
So I would like to upload the photos to a folder in my ftp-server and possibly store its URL to my SQL-database?
I am not sure what the best method is.

Any suggestions?

Not sure about FTP, but I’m pretty sure you would need some kind of interface in between to be able to do the image upload from the app, as you’d need something that would be able to receive an HTTP request to upload the file. :confused: sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but you could try googling on the subject of FTPs and doing an HTTP upload and what kind of services people use.

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Ok, i found this tutorial on YouTube on how to write a rest api in php for uploading a file:


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