Uptime Status is a joke

I think the uptime status is a bit of a joke. Anyone who has been working here for a while will know there have been significant service impacting events. Yet the platform status just shows a solid 100%

I suggest removing it or tying to real figures.

One miss-truth leaves everyone knowing there will be more buried somewhere else. Better to tell everything how it is and build trust.

Hi! I agree with you that our status page could use better monitoring, as right now the uptime page is mostly manually handled, and as such we don’t get all the incidents on there. The uptime page is also completely missing monitoring for how the preview apps are working, which has been a major issue with downtime here and there.

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Hi Mevi,

Until such time as it is automated, real time and totally accurate I feel that it’s better off being disabled. Anything that’s not 100% just spreads a feeling of inaccuracy and window dressing about the platform.

There are many simple monitoring platforms available commercially and surely this is something the sap part of the organisation outdated provide? I’ve implemented prtg for a telecoms company before, with 5000 nodes and highly recommend it.

Cheers, Phil

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