{URGENT}: Issue with copy components

After copying a component and pasting it in the same page or a new page doesn’t de-link the changes. Meaning, if any change to the copied component is made, the main component also changes. This is a big issue in my opinion.

Steps to recreate:
1- Create a List, and add a data variable to primary and secondary labels.
2- Copy the list and paste it in a new page or on the same page.
3- Change the label or anything to the copied list. Save the app.
4- GO back to the original list and see the changes made to the copied list in step#3, being reflected in the original list.

App Id: 322346
Client runtime: All (AppGyver Build)
AppName: CP-Dec-19
Page in app: TestPage

Well, this is a bigger issue than expected.
A component once used in the entire application is carried across all pages.
This is a bug in my opinion, and should be fixed asap!

Hi @AIC_Onsultant,

When you drag a component to the canvas, you basically create a new instance of the component template in your app. If you go to Component Template Editor and make changes to the template, they are reflected on all components in your app that use that component template.

The idea behind component templates is that you can have similar components on several pages of your app that you can edit without having to update each and every one individually, and also keep receiving updates to them from the marketplace. You can style the components differently using style classes, there’s a tutorial available here.

If you want to make changes to the structure of the component without affecting other similar components, you can “clone it as a new view component” in Component Template Editor. This will create a new local component template that you can then modify.