*URGENT* Need help uploading file to S3


I’ve been trying to upload an audio file to S3 but I just can’t get it to work and I’m completely stuck and at a loss on what to do.

I’m using presigned URL’s to access my bucket. It works like a breeze with Postman.

However I just can’t get it to work with Appgyver. I tried following this tutorial written for Firebase: Upload Files to Firebase Storage - Tutorial

It was useful because at least I now get an error message: allFilesFailed.

But I can’t get any further and this is a compete blocker for my app and I’m running out of time. I’ve already spent days trying to solve this.


BTW what node are you using to upload files? Upload FIles or Firebase Storage Upload FIles.

I’m using Upload files

OK I’ll try getting some help by posting some more details on my flow:

I’m generating a pre-signed URL that works when I use it with curl -T.

This is the list containing the unique file I’m trying to upload:

This is the (very helpful) error message I get:



If Upload Files just doesn’t work with S3 and presigned URL’s, I’d rather just know that upfront rather than spending hours on this.

Well believe it or not, it works now.
What I did was add the following terms in my Node server to generate the URL:
const s3 = new AWS.S3({region: REGION,
signatureVersion: ‘v4’});
That did the job.

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