Urgently need support on an app defect/bug

I have an app being used in production with a critical bug: we have an upload loop that fetches records created on the on-device storage, filters them to find records that are waiting to be uploaded, and then uploads them to the cloud. We are having a critical issue where records are not being included in the upload loop and get stuck in a status of pending.

I would appreciate urgent help from someone who is familiar with AppGyver’s on-device storage functionality, Android APK deployment, creating loops, and REST APIs.

Good morning Slade_rose,

Maybe the filtering command is not properly setup in the flow function, the info you are using the filter is not getting properly accessed on the device, there is a list of potential problems only knowing this erro description, send me a email to joshrezende@gmail.com, with more information i can help and frankly if is something easy i can just guide you guys through the problem

Thanks Joseph. Emailed you :slight_smile: