URL_SCHEME error ITMS90158

Fix is coming later today. I’ll ping here once it’s live!

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Thanks looking forward to it

Build version 2.8.31 is now available, it handles this issue!

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Awesome, What ever fix you put in, also fixes 2.6.8 with Get Device Token beta also.

Thank you

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Version: 2.8.31
Status: error
Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

APPID: 214462

:thinking: We’ll look further into this tomorrow, looks like the flow function Get firebase device token (beta) is causing some issues

Thanks for the fix.
My app works fine.

Mine worked fine. Thanks

Are you using “Get firebase device token (beta)” ?

Yes i use the Get Device Token flow

I dont use the Get Firebase Device token, i use the Get Device Token flow
I never realized they made a Get Firebase Device token. And I wonder why because the Get Device Token flow has always worked just fine with Firebase

I switched it to “Get device token (beta)” last night and it works just fine. :grinning: thank you

@Kristian_Gerkman What is the purpose for Get Firebase Device token when the Get Device Token has always worked fine with Firebase?