Url scheme not saving for android

Not sure if this is a platform-wide bug or a me thing but I can’t get the url scheme to save for android.

It saves fine for iOS in the build config but doesn’t for android.

Hi! What sort of an error are you getting? Are you using any special characters in the url scheme? I tried urlschemehere and it seemed to save.

It’s in the build settings where you define the scheme. You can see where it saves for iOS but not for Android no matter how many times I put down the url scheme Are there additional ways to define it?

ok that’s odd, I tested there (for a test app of my own) and had no trouble. Could you give me your app id (from the platform.appgyver.com url) and I’ll see it set manually if it doesn’t work otherwise. You’d want it to be “ostrich”, right?

Thanks @Mevi ! The app ID is 97782. Correct we want it to be the same across each os.

Hi! No idea what was going on, but this was fixed for you manually now!

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Thanks @Mevi so strange it wasn’t saving, but it’s saved now!

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same issue here in my app, seem cant save url scheme. Can you take a look? my id app is 205173

Same issue here. Cannot save url scheme. Any fix coming?