URL structure question


New to the community, first time posting. Sorry am being lazy, haven’t read through documentation yet.

Does Appgyver Web support shareable URL structures, ie


Not planning to launch native yet, so deep links/deep linking isn’t necessary. Spent a year building on a different no-code platform, the URL schema doesn’t support the above yet. Also am hoping that geolocation/GPS for web gets sorted out here, Appgyver seems to have a more powerful feature-set with faster page loading than other platforms. If DHL with enterprise needs uses it, DHL’s employees and customers aren’t waiting 30 seconds for a page to load!

So as @Mevi refers to it, “routing” is what you’re looking for. I asked this question a few days ago and the answer is, unfortunately, no, not for the time being. Some relevant quotes:

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It seems to me this could be done with url params in appgyver. I am trying to do the same thing but am having a hard time figuring out where and how I should place the function. For example, a link could be generated for the user to share their profile such as example.com/?profileId=(string-of-doc-id-in-database). Or, perhaps the profiles could be indexed with a handle, such as example.com/@handle-name But in this case the app would have to create a function which would ensure unique handles are created at signup. Then, if we could create a way the initial page of the app would check if the link which opens url contains params and depending on which param key is used, implement some function, such as open page and pass value of params as single doc id for single record. This would in essence achieve the same result as routes. If only I can figure out where to use the event trigger.