Url with appvarible

hello I would like to know if there is any way to preload a variable app loading it from the opening url?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. What do you mean by pre-load and opening url?

for example to be able to have a url of our webapp of our app: cafe_urquiza.appgyver.com. What I want to achieve is that I can load a varible app from the ulr. Ex: cafe_urquiza.appgyver.com/appvarible:mesa1
and that it loads when starting the webapp in the varible app: mesa1

Hmm I’m not sure this is possible… What’s the use case of this? Maybe there’s another way to do it.

I want to create a QR for open app and load a variable app. the case is I want to create a QR for every table in restaurant and load variable app the table number.

I see! I checked and unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment, it’s a new feature we’re working on but I don’t have an estimate of when it would be available. Maybe the front page of your app could ask the table number as a user input or have a list of table numbers to pick from, and according to that set the app variable. Of course it wouldn’t be as smooth as your suggestion :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thank you well I will have to wait. If I thought about those options but wanted something better haha. Thanks a lot

Hello cecilia. I have the solution haha ​​… If you put the page parameters on the first page.
For example:
page parameters: Mesa

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Wow great, thanks for sharing!

how do you retrieve the page params when you do not want to always use them but only if they are in the url?

you can use the params empty