Use MATCH_REGEX() to validate email

Hello. I am having trouble validating the email field in my app. We have tried different ways, but we are not sure how AppGyver uses Regular Expressions. We are using the function IS_EMAIL in an IF condition., then we use MATCH_REGEX to match the . extension for that email. I will attach a screenshot of what my code looks like. How would we validate email with a regular expression? The first screenshot is the code we are doing. The second screenshot is the Regex expression we are trying to look for. We had to do it like this because the IS_EMAIL only checks if the @ symbol is present.

Regex expression

Nevermind. After a bit more thinking and playing around, I figured out how to do it.

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Ok, and what is the solution then?

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Was, quite literally, thinking the exact same thing. Even when I figure out the answer before someone else helps me, I do try to post at least a basic explanation because I know someone else is going to have the exact same problem one day and stumble upon my thread.

You might want to make a new thread on this. If you do, post the link, please. If not, I’ll ask myself when I have a little more time on my hands.

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