Use proper oData paging

Hello experts,

I am using SAP Business Service Layer as a backend for our app. It provides a convenient ODATA interface which I can access successfully.
However, I couldn’t find any articles about paging the data properly.
I managed to create a “page number” variable and using a button I can set that to navigate between pages.

However, how should one retrieve “all the records” from a specific resource, for example to display them in a dropdown list or use them for filtering? Should the data variable “refresh” logic be modified for that? Or is there a simpler, out-of-the-box, method for this use case?

The idea right now might be to:

  1. Set page number to 0
  2. Get records using page number
  3. Set data variable (concatenating via formula)
  4. Increase page number by 1
  5. Go back to step 2

Any better ideas?

Thanks and best regards,