Use REST API POST for other functions besides create record

POST method can (and is) used not only to create a record, but also to retrieve data when the payload is too complex for a GET method. As is now in the REST API direct integration, the response for the POST method does not seem to allow it. Is this right or am I missing something?

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Digging into it, I found that using the POST method to get a collection of records with a payload of a complex query, although I know the response is an array of objects, as shown in the test of the REST API direct integration:

the flow logic shows the response with an “unknown type”

and I don’t find where to tell it to assign a type “array of objects” or “array of unknown types” that seems to be the type needed to get to the data.

In contrast, a GETALL shows this:
and the data is readily available.

When using a formula the error shown is:

consistent with a default “object” data type (note that the “create record” in the formula is the name given by AppGyver to the POST call)

@Eduardo_Jaramillo Have you found a solution for this?