Use the list item component to list multiple filed of single record

I have an external Airtable with a list of recipes.
Each recipe is a record
Is record is composed by a number of fields, name ,description, and a series of ingredient:

  • Ingredient1
  • Ingredient2
  • Ingredient3
  • Ingredient4
  • Ingredient5
  • Ingredient6

I try to find a way to use the item list component to print each ingredient in the primary label and repeat for each field that starts with “Ingredient”

I easily can use list component for multiple records but I cannot find a way to use the list with a single record.

Any suggestion?
Thank you

Not sure exactly what component you are using, but if it’s one of the lists that require there to be a list of data, you can not use it for a single data resource (unless you make a list out of a single data resource? That would be with formula like [data.whatYouWantHere].

If this doesn’t answer your question, please be more precise with what exactly you need as I wasn’t quite sure what you wanted :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the answer, you are right.
The workaround I find is to create a local list of object and used a formula to assign the element of the record to the list

First Step I create a PAGE VARIABLE called
IngerdientList type List of Object with three objects:

Pes0 (numebr)
Tip( text)
UnitaDiMisura (Text)

Then in the logic block of DATA VARIABLES after the GET RECORD I addedd a VARIABLE SET with this formula that result in a list with three elements

[{Peso: data.DataBaseRicette1.fields.Ing_1_1_grammi_unita, Tipo: data.DataBaseRicette1.fields.Ing_1_1_nome, UnitaDiMisura: data.DataBaseRicette1.fields.Ing_1_1_tipo_unita}, {Peso: data.DataBaseRicette1.fields.Ing_1_2_grammi_unita, Tipo: data.DataBaseRicette1.fields.Ing_1_2_nome, UnitaDiMisura: data.DataBaseRicette1.fields.Ing_1_2_tipo_unita}, {Peso: data.DataBaseRicette1.fields.Ing_1_3_grammi_unita, Tipo: data.DataBaseRicette1.fields.Ing_1_3_nome, UnitaDiMisura: data.DataBaseRicette1.fields.Ing_1_3_tipo_unita},]

And I use this variable in the list cmponent

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