Use the SAP AppGyver Preview app instead of the original AppGyver Preview app for the latest features and bug fixes!

There are currently 2 different preview apps in the Google Play store (and possibly also in the Apple store).

SAP AppGyver Preview / Runtime version 3.0.5 / Paser version 5.0.4
(original) AppGyver Preview / Runtime version 2.12.2 / Paser version 4.0.4

It seems like the original version is not being updated anymore but at this point in time it is still the first result when you search for “AppGyver” in the Google Play store. To install the latest and greatest version search for “SAP AppGyver”.

The new version (SAP AppGyver) already includes some bug fixes relating to the Firebase Connector and GPS location amongst other issues. These fixes are not included in the original app.

My recommendation: uninstall AppGyver Preview and then install the new SAP AppGyver Preview in order to avoid confusion and frustration.

I would also like to suggest that AppGyver remove the legacy app from the Google Play store or at least put out a final version containing a splash screen upon entry warning developers that this version doesn’t contain all the latest features and bug fixes.

Could you help me as to how we disconnect a mobile from the SAP Appgyver Preview? We don’t need to give this access to the mobile after completing the project, or otherwise, this mobile could see all other projects that we are working on. Please let me know a solution other than uninstalling the app from the mobile. Thank you…

And there’s SAP Appgyver Legend.

It’s good to have “Sap AppGyver Preview” Version 4.5.10