Useful tools for development and launch

I suspect we all spend a lot of time researching and selecting tools to do various tasks. I also suspect in many cases we would prefer just to choose one that we know to work that’s recommended by someone with similar requirements. So here´s a list of my suppliers of choice, and hoping that others add theirs.

Firebase enhanced GUI
Firefoo. Saves so much time manipulating data. Easy import / export etc.

EUK Host, based in the UK. I have used them for 20 years including for hosting mission critical business apps for a small Telecoms company.

Email Marketing
Sendy combined with AWS. Be careful not to send bad lists but there are ways to clean lists.

Zapier. There are alternatives, but the range of off the shelf solutions is vast. Using it for converting email alerts into Firebase records for automated provisioning for my app.

Mac in the Cloud
If you don´t have a MAC and want an iOS app then is doing the job for me. Best priced business grade option I found.

Graphics designers
People per hour, though also very happy to recommend the guy who did my graphics on

Image editor
GIMP. This one is a bit love / hate. It takes ages to get used to the interface but it really does seem to be able to do anything - and its free. Especially good at adding transparency.

Images for App approval
This one is from @JOHN_WORSHAM Just what you need for the approval images:


Very nice resource list. Also add for people who like to work with Lottie animations in their apps. You can download free lottie files there and create/design/edit your own.

Love GIMP as well.

Which plan do you use for the Virtual MacOS ? I might look into that myself.

Hi John,

At the moment I am on the shared lite 3 hours per day, but I will drop that back to the 1 hour once I have approval.

Being my first app I just had no idea how long I would need. Now it seems as though uploading a new version is only a 5 minute task using transporter, so an hour a day is ample.

The 1 hour plan would work fine. Thanks for the info!

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