User and Data Restriction (Firebase)


I’d like to make an application which has lots of data and top page with data list posted by logged-in users.
I would appreciate if you advise me below authentication rules.

1. What I want to do

  • Users can display only their own posts in the data list.
  • The data posted by other people will not be displayed.
  • Users and data are managed by Firebase.

2. How I thought

Option1: In the Data list on the Appgyver, use the Filter function and set the condition that “the user ID of a Data = the user ID who is logged in”.
→ Filter did not work and all data was visible to all users (No restrictions).

Option2: In Firebase’s Authentication rule, change read rule to restrict the viewer of the data to who created the data.
→ The data was not displayed at all.

3. Request

Could anyone please tell me how to properly restrict the users and data in Option 2? How can I set to restrict the user to see the data which the he/she created?

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi Sho,
this discussion might help you, to achieve what you like to do:

Thanks @stayfoolish,
sorry for the very delayed response, but my preview doesn’t work (not disappearing spinner) on my top page with card type data list after updating the installed flow functions. After fixing it I will try it.

Thank you so much for now.

@Shozo_Setoguchi Hey there, if the spinner is not disappearing it might be caused by a wrong logic on your page, please, check the page login and make sure “Hide spinner” is there. Hope that helps. :slight_smile: