User authentication FireBase vs. Supabase

Hello everyone, I have been using Supabase as a data storage for a few days. Works perfectly. Supabase also comes with a user authentication as well. I was wondering if and how I should replace Firebase Authentication with Supabase? Has any of you already done that? If yes, how? How was your experience?

Thanks a lot

Ok, after the answer here is a bit slow, I try it myself and found the following tutorial.

Originally it was implemented with I then do that with Supabase as a third-party authorization.

Hello @Jens_Rohleder ,
How was your experience with supabase.
I am using it for hosting images and it is ok, but I do not know if it is a good option for auth and data.
How was your experience?

How was your experience with supabase.

I would give 4 from 5 Stars …

Hello Edwin, do you use Supabase to store images? Cool … I tried that and didn’t understand how it works. I ended up converting them as Base64 and writing them away as text.

To use Supabase as a third-party authorization is super easy when it comes to SignUp and LogIn. What I haven’t figured out yet is how I can assign a password myself in self-service. I haven’t found much on this either. But what is ultimately important for self-service.

The problem is not yet solved and is on the ToDo list


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I’m trying to setup Supabase auth but I’m not sure where I’m supposed to find the endpoints for the user creation and login.

Where did you find yours ?



hey Matthias, Which Method do you want to use?
I have chosen the classic one by email and Password.
Go to Authentication (Users icon on the left)
here you’ll find “Users” and “Settings”
Hopefully, you’ll find it

Hi @Jens_Rohleder,

I am using Supabase backend too and currently having issues implementing password recovery / reset using email link. According to the documentation, when user clicks the reset/recovery link in user’s email, the app needs to detect “type=recovery” under <SITE_URL> and from which, the access_token (JWT) in the url is then extracted to reset/update user password.

I was wondering if you have implemented the said function in your app and if so, would appreciate if you could share some lights on the process and steps please.


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hi Leon, yeah that’s really not easy for me too. I had or have still the same problem. I haven’t finally solved it yet.
Do you have a discord account? Then include the SupaBase Discord and search for “Yänz”. You’ll find the topic.

I tried the REST one, like: PUT but I get a 404 Error
And the Body is [{“email":"”, “password”: “NEWPASSWORD”}]

chipilov 14.03.2022

It seems that there are 2 issues with your request: - the path should be just (i.e. don’e include a query param) - your body should NOT be an array - it should be a single JSON object Also, if you are NOT trying to change the e-mail (I am not actually sure if that is supported), you don’t need to include the e-mail anywhere in the request - the record whose password will be reset is identified by the authorization of the request

my guess is that you are getting 404 because of the query param (if the issue was the payload you should have gotten 400 bad request, but who knows…)

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Hey, I’m trying to do it too, but I can’t find any auth REST endpoint in Supabase documentation. Where didi you find it?

Help please

Now I see.
It is in the project’s dahboard.

Well so far I was doubting my competency but it is reliving that I part of a team! I am Struggling to solve Supabase Authentication since at least a month. Since the last post on the topic is dated Jul 2022, I would like to current status …is any one got the full solution?