User input string

I would like to have a user input field to enable a user to copy and paste a list of information provided by text message and then use a single or multiple variables to parse the information and input it in to the embedded map beta.

Example: lat1, long1, time1, lat2…. time5.

I tried to do this, but it won’t let me set a user input field to a variable of that type.

Is there a no code way to do this in the app builder?

I suppose there is some kind of “pattern” on the message right ? If its the case, you can use a formula (like split) to extract only the info you want to parse.

Does this expect a list of object? If so maybe make a variable with a list of objects {lat, long,…}
Then indeed split the content of your copy-paste and assign each value to the right object property in the list?

The embeded map beta does not accept an object for the “markers to render” input.

Display Markers will accept a “list of values” that takes you to a menu where you can select data and variable, formula, static text or component properties to assign to each marker.

Display Markers will also accept data and variable, formula, mapping or component properties.

The user input field component can’t be set to a variable of the object or list type.

I figured out how to do it. I can set the input field to the value of a variable of the number type, then use logic to set another variable to a portion of the value of that variable using the SUBSTRING formula. The interface says it is an invalid formula, but it allows you to save and it works as long as the text is the same length every time. So I will have to stick with a set length of digits for the latitude and longitude and use military time with a 0 in the first digit for times before 10 am.