User logged out of firebase when closing the app


I have an app with Firebase authentication.

Some of my clients reported that they have to log back into the app when they just get out of the app, let it run in the background, and come back.

It appears that this issue occurs with Iphone users, but I tried on the same iphone and I have no issues. Seems like it occurs to some users.

I have no issues at all with android, as I can shut off the app completely, come back days after, and still be logged in!

Any idea why?

What would be a fix?

I have the function Initialize firebase on the global canvas.
I have a login page with the default functions of firebase.

And the Set auth state persistence (Firebase Auth) is on local, so that it should persist upon closing the app.


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Someone has an idea why my users are sometimes logged out when leaving the app in the background?

Said in another way, with Firebase Auth, it appears that android devices remain logged in forever after one login, which is what I want.
But Iphone users are logged out after closing completely the app, and even sometimes just by opening another app.

Is there something I am missing with IOS? Some kind of authorization I should check in the build or in the submitting process?


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Same problem only on iPhone, maybe because of an IOS 16.xx
It’s clearly a version issue I didn’t have this before and I don’t have this at all on Android.
This is very urgent and deserves a bug ticket.

I opened a ticket: