User roles in appgyver and firebase

Hi guys,

Could it be possible to create user roles in appgyver and firebase?

  • User_role1: Entrepreneur
  • User_role2: Investor

For example, a user will sign up/register as an “Entrepreneur” or “Investors”. Both of which will have different privileges and access to different pages of the app.

Meaning an “Entrepreneur” will not be able to access information that is assigned to an “Investor” user role.

Please help with this, thanks in advance.

See attached image for reference

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The way i usually do that, is by giving a displayName to each group in the account detail, more here

i update the name when they sign up from here

And from there, i can grand different access to each user when the sign in

Thats the way i do it, from what i know, there is not special way to do it but im interested to see what others have to say


Thanks Dimos,

I’ll look into that!


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