Username restrictions

im trying to make a username input for my app, and i was wondering if its possible to make the restriction bellow
lowercase letters
only English letters
no emojis
and check if the username is already in use

do you know how i can do this?
do you know if there is any video or documentation to reference?
Thank you in advance

Regarding lowercase and English characters, you could do it as below:

Create a JavaScript node called checkEnglishInput and add a Regex to accept only English litters

Then if it passes the If-COndition, set the page variable to lower case as below:


This should be checked by the backend database such as Firebase.


@Mazen_Al-Sakkaf Thank you very much i will implement what you sent…

Hey again for future reference i wanted to let you know that based on @Mazen_Al-Sakkaf help i found that his script can be used for different things, for example i managed to make
only english letters
lower case
this symbol _
and numbers 1-9
It might be obvious to you but because i found it through trial and error i wanted to let everyone know
i hope it helps you

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