Using Airtable API with Appgyver


I think there is a few people that are using Airtable as a REST API data resource. Airtable is great and easy to start going, but once you deploy your application (e.g. via web app) your API Key is exposed to the world. Airtable API Key gives access to all bases you have, so that might not be a great thing.

I was insistent on using Airtable for one of my Appgyver projects, so I built this workaround using a service called It is basically a wrapper on Airtable, which allows you to specify only 1 base that can be accessed and create a unique access key for this purpose only. The original API key will be stored in

Pipedream, seems to be in the early stages and so far seems free to use ut to a certain limit. Obviously not a production scale solution but might be useful for some further testing.

@Harri_Sarsa - might be helpful to add to Appgyver Airtable tutorial page


Looks great, thanks a lot for sharing this!

@Greg_F thanks for sharing this!

Any idea why I would get this error: Typerror Cannot read property ‘match’ of undefined

There is no URI in the webhook, that is why you cannot do match operation on undefined.

First connect Appgyver to Airtable using normal appgyver API, once all works, you can subsitute dompain for the pipedream webhook address, however everything else after the slash ‘/’ should stay the same:

Ah, got it. Thank you.

The Appgyver REST API is working normally. And from your guidance I seem to be getting the correct URI and URL:

But now no return values or exports:

Appgyver Data Configurator:

Thanks for your help :raised_hands:

  1. are you getting values from Airtable with the same querry using endpoint?
  2. are you using correct keys? if you are calling in Appgyver - use Airtable Key. if you are calling pipedream endpoint in Appgyver use the made up key you set in Pipedream

Ah I didn’t change to the Pipedream key in Appgyver. It’s working now, thanks for your help! And thanks again for building this!

Is Airtable a viable backend for a production web app in your opinion? I’ve started to build with it but am not sure it’s a long term solution.

Have you looked at Hasura or 8Base by chance?

No I don’t think Airtable is viable. The response time is not the best with such a work around, There are also some limits on number of requests per second to Airtable API. I think it is 60 request per second, which sounds not too bad but definitely not production scale.

We went ahead with full MySQL on AWS, but I have a friend who helps me with the backend. Proper AWS set up is far from straight forward.

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Hi Greg_F,

I’m trying to use the Airtable API wrapper in Pipedream but am having difficulty. I was informed by Pipedream support (Dylan) that the workflow you created is broken? Anyway to confirm that? I’m quite certain it’s also possible that I am doing something wrong when trying to deploy as I’ve never used Pipedream. I did try to follow the instructions as you’ve described so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but it’s probably something really dumb on my part. Thanks in advance!


@Brandon_Winkler it used to work just fine. I stopped using it since the limits got introduced.

Any specific errors?

Airtable actually limits you to 5 Requests per second and if you violate that they put you in 30 second time out. I love Airtable but i only use it for an app that has limited database usage. For larger amounts of users i like Firebase which can accept 200,000 simultaneous connections.

I did end up getting it to work, but hitting limits already!

Yes, thank you. Airtable is a pain to work with for more than 100 records too. I need to learn Firebase next.

Any luck with Hasura or 8Base?

The problem is to import csv data into firebase…

If you have google sheets you can do it.

Firebase requires JSON. So try this to convert your CSV to JSON

@Greg_F Thank you for this info Greg. Is there any other alternative for Pipedreams for this api warpper purpose? (I am not a geek)