Using Appgyver with Firebase for getting records & then updating them based on a specific field

Hi Everyone
Am a 8th grader working on a team trying to build an app that is updating deliveries for local users for our school project. We hit upon Appgyver which is an awesome tool and we really love it as its low code. However trying to figure out how we do something like the below:

  • We have an app that takes data input on a form, this is added to a table in firebase as a new record (document)
  • We are using the Firebase connector with an iOS / Web app defined on Firebase side per the steps here Google Firebase connector - Composer
  • We can create new records just fine, however not able to find documentation that allows us to do the below:
  1. From the documents in the table, do a get record where id = foo
  2. add logic to update a specific set of fields where id = foo

THe get record / update record options in logic do not explain what needs to be done (or being a noob am not sure) - is there a good video or document that goes over this example?

Appreciate any help.

  • Vihaan