Using AWS (Amazon DynamoDB) as Backend

Hi there!!
I’m starting out my journey with the amazing AppGyver. I would like to know, however, if it’s possible to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as cloud storage in AppGyver since the MongoDB is only for “hobby”. If yes, where can I start?

Thank you very much for your attention!


This is very possible.
First you need to decide which kind of database service(s) you want to use in AWS

Then you need to write a RESTful API to the database and configure that in your composer app.

Well that’s pretty much it :slight_smile:

Wow! Thanks for the prompt response! I have one more question, though. My Web App hopefully will have thousands of users. So, which is the best way to handle authentication in this AWS scenario? It’s better to use the Appgyver hosted authentication management (if possible for that amount of users) or it’s better to create users authentication through a AWS RESTful API like the rest of the data?

Thanks in advance!

You can use AG:s or AWS Cognito or whatever you wish. Even though you’re using composer to make the app, we don’t want to lock you in on any backend service.

Last one, I promise! :grin:
Using this AWS scenario, if I publish my app as a Web App and download it as a Standalone, moving it to a different server, will I still be able to get all these connections working right away, with no need for modification in code?

Thank you very much!!! Appgyver rocks!

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If there’s any hardcoded reference to your own domain then you need to change them but otherwise no.