Using charts to display data in AppGyver

Hi Team!

I was looking through the forums trying to find some information about charts. One of the core pages of the app I’m building is a dashboard page which pulls in data from multiple sources (internal and external via API) and then shows a summary via charts and graphs on the dashboard.

From what I’ve found so far, charts are only available for mobile apps, via Google charts api - but not for the web app, is this correct?

Are there any other ways to implement what I’m trying to do with the dashboard that I’m overlooking?

Appreciate the support! Thanks

Hi! Sorry for the belated answer.

Hmm yeah, Charts are only available for mobile. For web, I think you’d have to go with a WebView or similar workaround until third party plugins become available.


Just following up on this thread, since I am also trying to build a webapp that shows a corporate dashboard based on various internal data. Are there now third party plugins for charts? If not, can you explain a bit better the webview work around you referenced? Thanks

Same question here. I am wondering if you can integrate d3.js libraries in the webapp?

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Hi! Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t think WebView is going to work :sweat_smile: Since I don’t think WebView works in web at all at the moment.

As such, I don’t know any workaround that would work right now :thinking: but third party plugin support is coming this spring hopefully, that would enable finding other plugins to do this feature.