Using Data Variables with Components

Is this possible? I have my data variables set up and connected them to a repeating card list. It works great. I have 3 data variables for the page and I want to repeat the same component 3 times but link it to the a different data variable each time.

When I make the section a component, the data variable breaks. The repeating card list is nested inside the section as well.

Anyone had success with nesting (editing in isolation) elements, making them components and linking to different data variables?

There’s at least an outstanding bug where data variable direct bindings are not working, but formula-based bindings are – could this be the issue?

If not, can you post a screenshot of your page so I can get a better context?

What is a formula based binding? That sounds like something I need to learn. Is there a video?

I need to say this page eventid = something.

Now only show groups and people and company that have that same eventid in their tables.

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