Using delay to power a timer, but timer runs slow

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I’m using your Timer block to power a countdown timer, but it’s running slow. I cycle the delay every 0.1 seconds and subtract 0.1 seconds from my timer, but after 60 seconds, the timer only has 45-50 seconds expired, so it’s pretty far off. I thought it might just be the dev app, but it happens on a production build as well.

I don’t think my app is doing anything crazy that would slow down the timer, but you might be a better judge of that. How can I get it to keep accurate time?


Could I get a little help here, folks? Happy to provide whatever details are helpful. My app is pretty much done, but it isn’t very usable if the timer can’t keep accurate time…

Hello there!

I think instead of substracting 1, you should work with the NOW() formula function to get an accurate time updates. There’s a solution described in this thread Stopwatch or Countdown Timer