Using dropdowns to drill down to specific record

Using dropdowns to drill down to a specific record to create a new list of selected addresses only.

I have three data resources, Streets, Addresses, and List.
The Streets resource contains only the street name (ex. Anystreet).
The Addresses resource contains 2 fields: full address (ex. 1234 Anystreet) and the order I want them to appear in the final List.

The first dropdown lists all the street names, I use the selected street in the second
dropdown to narrow the full addresses (ex. 1234 Anystreet, 1236 Anystreet, etc…). Then I select the full street that I want.
This works great but when I go to create a new record in a different data resource (List), I only save the full address and not the order key that is part of the full address resource.

I tried to set a page variable and use that when creating the record (object properties) with no luck.

Any ideas?

Do you mean something like a “auto complete” function?
If so the official youTube channel for Appgyver does have a very good vidfeo on this HERE

Else: I have to be honest to say I do not exactly understand what you meant in-spite all the detailed explanations you have presented :frowning:

In a nutshell, when I ‘Create Record’ I only get one field from a two field record (not counting the UUID) from Addresses data resource.

For Example, the new record when saved to the List data resource should have two values from the Addresses data resource:
Address: 1234 Elm
Order: 1000

But what I get written to List is this:
Address: 1234 Elm


I found another way to get the results I was looking for. Thanks!