Using dynamic background color for selected box (button)

Totally new to Appgyver& programming. Doing a tutorial, creating two “buttons” that would dynamically change from, Blue BGRD/White Text, to White Text/ Blue BGRD, depending on which one is “selected”.
Using a self-created component, with two properties. Category(text) & Selected(Bol).
With smart color and a formular “IF(internalProps.isSelected, “#5536D0”,”#FFF").
Two issues. The components don’t show the property text I assigned for True/Fals but the component text. Second they doon’t switching colors.

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Am on it @ Ronald_Oggert

I hope I worked my hardest based on the little I could understand from your question and documented my work in a video which you can find on YouTube

Hope this helps, Tell me if you need any extra explanation or help and I will gladly